Now comes probably the hardest (or the most fun!?) part on your end...
deciding what to wear!

If you need help & guidance, I am happy to discuss ideas according to location, style, type of photos, vibe, season, etc.

Or here's my pinterest page of "what to wear" to help ya out....

LOTS of different color schemes, styles, & coordination tips to get you rollin'! 

What to Wear??

Next is deciding a date and time.
 Contact me to discuss dates and availability.

For outdoor sessions, I typically love shooting at "golden hour", which is about an hour before sunset, but can schedule morning sessions as well, depending on need and availability. 

Time of golden hour is of course dependent on time of year. 
*shooting in canyons will need to be earlier in the day since the sun disappears sooner in canyons. 

Studio sessions are more flexible, depending on availability. 

*I am a mom & wife first and foremost, so thank you for understanding that my time and availability is limited at certain times for this purpose.*


One of the first things to decide along with date is location. 
If you have a location in mind, perfect!
Let's make your vision come to life.

If not, we'll discuss what kind of style, look, and vibe you're going for, then we'll go from there.

You can also browse some of my hot spots on my location guide page here.

*Travel fees may apply* 
 (fee dependent on location)


Once you are ready to book a session, my goal is to make the process as simple and hassle-free  as possible. 
So I am here to guide you along through the process (if you want it)!

Ready to create some Magic

:: 2024 ::

Pricing & Info Guide

*There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking to reserve your session time and date.  The $50 goes towards your session fee that is due at time of your session. 
*Travel fees will be added onto sessions, depending on location.  Travel fee is not included in pricing packages below. 
*Some locations require a fee (or donation) to use their space (studios, privately owned properties, etc). This fee depends on location, and is not included in pricing packages below. 
*All sessions include time & talent of photographer, high-resolution digital files via an online gallery, and printing rights. 
 *Session prices are subject to change according to demand, availability of photographer, & season during the year.

let's do this.

:: 2024 ::

Photography Services & Pricing

But first - A few things to note...

- multi-generational family/ mulitple families
- 60-90 minute session
-large group photo 
-smaller group photos
-individual family photos
-individual photos upon request
- a mix of posed + candid images
40+ images
online gallery
printing rights

Extended Family session

immediate family up to 7
($10 per additional person)
- up to an hour session
- a mix of posed + candid images
- 40+ images
- online gallery
- printing rights

Family session
 - $275 - 

- up to 5 people
(+$10 per additional person)
 20 minute session
15 images
 - Stansbury & Erda locations only
(including my home studio)
- a mix of posed + candid images
- group + individual shots
- online gallery
- printing rights

"short n' sweet"
Family Session
- $175 - 

- starting at            


The Short n' Sweet session is perfect for small families or families with small children that need quick and easy,  or those needing "just a few" photos to update the frames on the wall. 

This session is meant to stay simple, quick, & close to home.  

The classic family session is for those with larger families or those that are wanting to take their time during the session.
This session will allow for more time to capture those traditional posed shots, but also those cozy, fun & playful shots of the family interacting, and the kids being themselves! 

This session is specifically for multi-generations, and multiple families.  
Typically, this will include grandparents, parents, kids, cousins, grandkids, etc.  
We will capture the whole group picture, along with smaller group pictures:  individual family units, cousins, grandparents, etc, along with individual shots upon request. 

-45-60 min session (depending on baby)
-2 outfit changes
- session can be themed or not themed
-candid, in-the-moment images
+ some prompted poses
-done in my studio  or on location
30+ images
online gallery
printing rights
*smash cake not included, but I can offer referrals to some amazing bakers I know.

One year | cake smash
 - $200 - 

- 45 min session
-mostly candid images, capturing them as they are at this stage. 
+ some prompted poses
-done in my home studio, or on location if preferred
30+ images
online gallery
printing rights

baby's first year
- $200 -

- up to an hour session
- done in your own home or studio
-mostly candid images reflecting family interactions +  love & feel of a new baby at home.
+ some prompted poses
40+ images
online gallery
printing rights

Lifestyle Newborn
- $250 - 

Lifestyle newborn sessions offer more of a personable touch to the classic newborn "posed" session. 
These are simple and full of love and connection between the family and the beautiful new addition to their home & family. 
 I will come into your home and use a well-lit space, or we can do them at a studio or other location if desired. 

Your baby's first year is fleeting!  Before you know it, they will be walking , talking, & running all over the place!  Let's capture the year of their firsts! 
These are perfect for milestones such as smiling, sitting, crawling, standing, etc. 
 They can be done at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or anytime in between.

My, how that first year flew by!
Your baby is approaching  the big ONE and is entering into toddlerhood.  
Let's celebrate and capture their cuteness, mischievous grins, and their one-year-ness. 
With cake is even better. :) 

- up to 1.5 hour session
(or broken up into 2, 1-hour sessions)
-2-3 nearby locations
-multiple outfit changes
- a mix of prompted & guided poses
+ candid, styled images to capture the individuality and style/vibe of each individual senior
-props representing interests/hobbies can be included
50+ images
online gallery
printing rights

Senior session #2
- $275 -

up to 45 min. session
1 location
1-2 outfits
mix of prompted & guided poses
+ candid, styled images to capture the individuality and style/vibe of each individual senior
-props representing interests/hobbies can be included

30 images
online gallery
printing rights

Senior session #1 
- $200 - 

-up to an hour session
- personalized session that can be styled and themed
- some prompted & guided poses
+ candid, in-the-moment images
done on location, or in my studio 
30+ images
online gallery
printing rights
*contact me for baptism & missionary sessions!

These individual sessions allow for a little more creativity, artistic editing, & style to be incorporated into your images.
 I love to stylize these sessions, incorporate themes if desired, and personalize them to  match your needs and wants. 
Together, we will collaborate & play around with ideas, locations, setups, and editing styles to personalize each session.
These are perfect for toddler, child, teen, adult, or any individual to celebrate birthdays, recognitions, to instill confidence, or simply, "just because"!
($10 per additional person)

individual portraits
- $200 - 

This Senior package is a little more simple &  quick and includes all the basic photos you need for your senior's graduation announcement + a few extra for mom!  :)

This senior package is perfect if you want a little more than the basics and want the pictures to be more creative, stylized, and personalized. 
This session is designed to capture everything about your senior at this epic stage of their life -- their beauty,  style,  vibe, interests, passions, accomplishments and personality.
We can split the session up into two days, or two different times of the year.  

20 min session
15 images 
- can be used for individual portraits
or small family/group portraits
*immediate family only

Done outside or in studio
*Stansbury & Erda locations only

on-location or studio


 short n' sweet (Minis)

- $100 - 
15 min.
1 backdrop
1 outfit
10 images

- $150 -
30 min.
up to 2 backdrops
2 outfits
20 images

- $200 -

up to an hour
up to 3 backdrops
up to 3 outfit changes
30+ images

(sometimes that's all you need!)
- $20 -
1 image (maybe 2 ;))

- more images can be purchased
-done in my backyard studio
images professionally edited & retouched
online gallery
printing rights

headshots | branding | portraits | small group


up to 1 hour session
1 location
-up to 2 outfit changes
-mix of prompted & guided poses
+ candid, styled images to capture the love and connection between the couple

40+ images
online gallery
printing rights

couples session 
- $275-

Couples sessions can be used for engagements, bridals, anniversaries, or even a pair of best friends! 

* I do not offer wedding day services at this time.*

This session is for those that are needing "just a few" photos done. 
We keep it short, sweet & simple, yet still capture the magic in the moments that we have!

Can be used for children, seniors, individuals, and small families,  and at a nearby location to my home.


- $175 - 

Package #1

Package #2

Package #3

need just ONE shot done in my studio?

 Are you a business owner that needs some professional photos done of your brand and content for social media or other uses? 
Do you build, create or sell goods? 
 Do you provide professional services to others?
Let's collaborate!

-up to 1 hour session
1-2 locations
- can be done in my studio, or on-location
-multiple outfit changes
-mix of prompted & guided poses
- styled images to capture the content, style, professionalism, and vibe of your business.

30+ images
online gallery
printing rights


These are *new* sessions I am starting to offer!

These are ALL about the child/ren and letting their imaginations run wild! 
(These make awesome gifts to print out and gift to children in your life!)
*ask me about prints!

*These sessions require me to purchase and incorporate digital backdrops and/or photoshop overlays in most of the pictures, so the amount of pictures is limited with more time spent on each image.

But, the ideas and concepts are LIMITLESS!

some ideas of concepts:

*Get in touch with me to discuss ideas & details to make your child's wildest dreams come true!


Imagination sessions

- starting at $200 -

or $50/photo add-on to portrait session

- starting at $200 -