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Hey there! I'm Jen.

and I have a thing for pictures.  a big thing.  and I can't wait to share it with you! 

About me

I've loved taking pictures since I was young, and I've had the honor of working with so many amazing people and families over the years.  I've taken little breaks here and there while having babies and raising little ones.   But being a mom myself has taught me a lot... a lot about life, and about cherishing the little moments that I would give ANYthing to freeze and bottle up, or rewind back to.   You know... those moments that may have seemed simple at the time,  but now are a momentous time in our lives that lead to where we are at this very moment. 

My life as a mother and as a photographer has helped me realize that those magical moments are fleeting.... and  that through the chaos of life, you can still find beauty everywhere you look.    These are the moments that matter! These are the moments I want to capture for you!

Take a look a around and learn more about me and my photography below, or gander through the pictures.  And if you'd like to say hi, or ask a question, don't be afraid to reach out!

Studio pics done by the wonderful Aubrie Tolman Photo

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I’ve had a passion  for photography since I was a young teenager. 
I loved taking pictures with the basic point & shoot camera gifted to me by my parents as a teen and playing around with the fun settings, shots, and online edits I could achieve with it. 
In my later high school and college years, a family friend gifted me their sister's old film SLR camera that she wasn't using anymore.  I enjoyed playing around with it, & learning the basics of a camera beyond point-&-shoot.
In college, I took a film photography course and learned the ins & outs of photography, how a camera works, and how to develop film in the darkroom.  
When my hubby & I got married, we used our wedding money to buy our very first DSLR camera.  

I started taking lots of pictures for family and friends and continued to learn and grow.  After we moved to our current home in Stansbury Park in 2014 and realized that people actually liked the memories I captured for them,  I decided it was time to turn my passion & hobby into an 'official' business. 
I've taken little breaks here & there through the years of having babies and raising young children.  But I find when I don't pick up my camera for a while... I feel a part of what makes me ME is missing.. and I get the itch to get out there and shoot and be creative again. 
And that's when I know my passion is still alive and I'm meant to be shooting!  

Throughout the years of seeing life through the lens, I've learned so much and enjoy seeing the progress & growth I've made and continue to make each and every session!

My photography journey

My "Why"

By nature, I am a documenter. I kept journals as a young girl. When I got married I started a family blog to document our family memories, and now that social media is the "it" thing, I mostly use that as my own source of family documentation.
I love having the power to actually freeze time (for myself and for others). All for the sake of being able to look back at these moments and say, "Remember when??? " OR “Man… look where we are now! We made it through the last year, week, day, etc," OR “Remember the cute/funny thing that ______ did at this age?”

SO many memories made each and every day of our lives.
SO much magic found in each moment. 
SO much beauty we can STILL find in our day-to-day chaos of life.

This is why I'm here and why I do what I do!  

I’d love to be there to help you capture those memories, magical moments and beauty -– from your baby’s first milestones. . . to your child’s two front missing teeth. . . to your teen’s last year of high school . . . to finding your forever love . . . to the "brotherly love" interactions among your children. . . . to your family being together for the first time in who-knows-how-long.

Take a look around, and if you like what you see, or have any questions, let's get in touch! 

 And the rest is history . . .  ;) 

My Style and focus

Throughout my journey, I have found that my true passion in photography is children, families, & high school seniors.
 I am continually studying, learning, & growing to become the photographer I want to be, specializing in these areas of focus.

My style can be considered 

             - with a touch of vintage and moodiness when a session calls for it. :) 

I also specialize in  lifetsyle newborn, couple (engagement, anniversary, maternity, bridal, etc), and branding portraits.
Each session is a blend of posed portraits & candid moments.  I try to make sessions as fun & relaxing as possible.

I am based out of Stansbury Park (Tooele County), UT but often shoot in Salt Lake valley and surrounding areas (travel fees apply).
 I also often travel to my “home” in Southern Utah. 






& playful

- I love the raw, innocent, and real expressions we get out of children. 
- I love capturing the genuine connections and bonds between families. 
- And I love the individuality, and the personalized touch & style we can achieve with senior sessions. 

My life and loves

I grew up in the deserts of Mesa, AZ and St. George, UT.  I have four awesome brothers, and two amazing parents that have raised me and helped shaped me to who I am today.  I met my husband in St. George and we have been married since 2009. 
My amazing husband has supported me in pursuing this photography dream of mine from the beginning! He, and my 5 (FIVE!) rowdy, fun, & sweet boys are my whole world. My life is really just a beautiful kind of chaos and I’m so thankful for all the ups and downs on this roller coaster of life that has brought me where I am today. I am a full-time mom/wife, and part-time photographer, so my role as wife and mom will always come first.

My husband's an awesome drummer! (he teaches lessons in our home studio as well)
We both come from families of all boys and one girl.
Hence, we were destined to be boy parents!

We enjoy going on walks & bike rides, going out on our neighborhood lake, going out on adventures,  playing in our yard, playing games, watching movies and just chillin'.

fun family facts:

Fave family activities:

 - Cookies are my weakness.
- Ice cream is my jam.
-and Cafe Rio/Costa Vida salad dressing is my "crack"  ;-P
(trying to live a healthy life while indulging in the previous foods is my lifelong goal!)
- Aqua blue is my color.
- I love to stay active by exercising, dancing, running around with my kids, &  spending time outside.
- Besides photography, another passion of mine has always been dancing.  
Dance has always been a part of me.  I did dance teams growing up, drill team in high school, dance company in college, and still find any opportunity I can to do a dance/dance fitness class.
 Whether it be performing on a stage, jamming out in the car, or having dance parties with the family in the living room, dance is a key part of life, man! 
- I'm not a singer, but I LOVE to lip sync and pretend like I can sing and rap. :-P
- Sunsets, rainy days, and comfy clothes make me happy and fill my soul.
- I am a quotes fanatic. (hilarious memes included!)
Have a quote (or a meme) you think I'd love??  Send it my way!  :D 

And I strive to live by the simple, yet wise words of 


A few fun facts about me:

"See the good. Be the good. "

I LOVE meeting new people and learning all about them.
SO - 
 tell me about your story and what you’d like from your session. I’d love to meet your people, capture your magic moments  on camera, and play a part in building your memories to last forever!

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