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Brusch Family

I have gotten to know this family more and more through the last year, and what I have gotten to know about them, I admire them through and through! They are beautiful, and kind, and spiritual, and their kids are so, so cooperative andView full post »

Berrett Family

I did this family’s pictures 2 years ago.  When Adrienne, the mom, contacted me to do some again this year, she started out with “I don’t know if you remember me, but… ”  Well, I immediately remembered her and herView full post »

Cook Family

Oh man, this family… I can’t say enough about them.  They are one of those families that everyone wants to be friends with.  They are kind, they are giving, they are friendly, and so on. And their kids…  I love seeing theirView full post »

Wynn Family

I just met this family for the first time this year.  I met Rosalyn earlier in the year, and the rest of her family later.  They are good friends of my friend and neighbor down the street.  And now, I consider them friends of mine. Rosalyn isView full post »

Christensen Family

This is another family that has come back to me for a second time, and I just adore them! Their little girl is a firecracker and so friendly!  She’ll tell you her whole life story.  On top of the friendly and fun girl she is, she is a greatView full post »

Thomas Family

This is the second year I’ve done family photos for this family.  I also did senior photos for their oldest son, Zach in the spring, who is now serving an LDS mission!  (Can I just tell you what an honor and compliment it is to have returningView full post »

Decker Family! (my family)

Over the summer, my whole family got together for the first time in a while.  Naturally, when that happens, you just gotta take some pictures, right? 😉View full post »

Daniels Family

This is one of my husband’s best friends and his wife, that has become one of my friends, and their adorable little guy, Cruz. We broke this session up into two different sessions, and I am so happy we did because I love both of theseView full post »